Hey, look at that! It's me!

Welcome to When I Get Better!

This is a blog about my journey to “better-ness.” 

“Better-ness” as in, a step above where I currently am. I’m not emphasising complete recovery as much as healing and improvement in behaviours and thought processes, because I know “recovery” is a BIG expectation for myself and that I need to get a little better at treating myself like a worthy human being. Maybe you do too and that’s why you’re here. I would love to have you tag along with me on this journey, how ever good or bad it may be, so that when I get better, I have somebody to thank (other than my psychologist, psychiatrist, family members, friends… you get what I mean).

Here are some pages of resources that may be of use to you in a time of need:

Cipla if you’re in South Africa.

TalkSpace if you’re in America.

The NHS has some resources if you’re in the UK.


*If you’re from anywhere else, let me know so I can add resources from there!


Go here to read my personal stories of my battles with mental illness and leave your stories either in the comments, or go here to create your own forum and start the conversation!